Gluten Free

Our Gluten Free Products

New additions to our 

Wheat & Gluten Free Traybakes

18 of our Wheat & Gluten Free cakes are available in traybakes, pre-cut into 12 or 15 portions per traybake.

Toffee Crisp
Rocky Road
Toffee Tiffin
Millionaire Shortbread
Lemon Meringue & White Chocolate
Eton Mess
Raspberry & Chocolate Pavlova
Marathon Flapjack
OMG Flapjack
Very Berry Flapjack
Strawberry & White Chocolate Brownie
Traditional Flapjack
Chocolate Flapjack
Lumpy Bumpy Brownie

For more information about our ingredients and allergens, please contact Maeve Green

01438 721880


Grab & Go Bars

Available in boxes of 12 bars:

Very Berry Flapjack
Toffee Tiffin
Toffee Crisp
Lemon Meringue
Eton Mess - Award Winner
OMG Flapjack
Marathon Flapjack
NEW! Rocky Road
NEW! Peanut Butter Toffee Crisp

You can choose 12 bars of one flavour or have our mixed selection pack

Our Wheat & Gluten Free cakes are baked in a completely separate kitchen,
away from possible contamination and are individually wrapped for your convenience.

Award Winner - Eton Mess

Eton Mess won the Cafe Quality Food And Drink
Awards 2015.

This cake was originally launched for the Queens Jubilee in the Summer of 2012. 

It was only meant to be in the range for the summer but it quickly became one of our top sellers and is now a permanent fixture to our cake selection.

Our all butter, wheat and gluten free shortbread is topped with tangy raspberry jam, meringue pieces (free range egg of course!) and Belgian White Chocolate. Finally we drizzle strawberry syrup and scatter freeze dried strawberry pieces to complete the look.

This cake is always a talking point whenever we do an exhibition, it not only looks great but it tastes great too.

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